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Are you scared by your fitness goals?

It's Halloween season so naturally, we expect your nerves to be a little on edge. However, setting and following your fitness goals shouldn't be a scary task.

In this post, we aim to show you how to set realistic goals and share some tips on how to keep you on track throughout the process.

Should you want to skip the theory. Use this link below to book an appointment directly with one of our personal trainers. If you're not ready yet then carry on reading.

The following is based on Locke Theory for goal setting and we find this a brilliant method for setting goals for our clients.

1 - Be clear on your goals

When you know what you're aiming for everything becomes so much easier. Without clarity how will you achieve a specific outcome or know which behaviours will help you get there?

TIP: Use SMART to define your goal.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time.

2 - Set a goal that will provide a challenge

If a goal is too easy you have no need to push yourself, therefore, you will not feel as if you have accomplished a task.

On the other hand, if a goal is too challenging you'll be unlikely to complete it due to its unattainable nature.

TIP: Develop your self-discipline so you have the persistence to work through any issues you may encounter

Set up a system where you can reward yourself for accomplishing smaller parts of a larger task.

3 Commitment/Accountability

What will happen if you do not reach your goal or if progress is slower than you plan for? Can you make your goals public or ask someone to help keep you motivated along the way?

TIP: Practice visualisation, what will your life look like once this goal is achieved.

Using visual reminders of your goal in places you regularly find yourself such as your office or kitchen can be great for keeping you on track too.

4 Feedback

Checking in with yourself or a coach at regular intervals can be the difference between reaching or goal or falling short.

TIP: Schedule time weekly and monthly to look at your progress. Find out what's working and what's not working so you can make adjustments.

You can use technology to give you feedback as well, for example, myfitnesspal can be used to input nutritional data. You can then go back over this and give yourself feedback from your findings.

5 Consider the complexity of your task

Give yourself plenty of time to complete a goal. Its so important that you don't add more pressure to an already challenging task. Especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Lasting results take time.

TIP: Set deadlines that apply a reasonable amount of pressure.

Breakdown larger goals into smaller goals so they become more manageable.

Time to take action : Using the tips above, set a SMART goal. Make it something you really want to achieve. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to make it happen. Set out what processes you are going to follow and how regularly you are going to check in with yourself. If you'll need help research who you can ask, wether thats for motivation or accountability.

If you still don't know how to structure your fitness goals, let Runway fitness help you. A personal trainers job is to oversee your fitness journey from start to finish making the whole process less scary!.

You can book a direct appointment via our website or email us on for more information.

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