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Do you struggle with food?

They say that preparation is key and they are not wrong.

Busy modern-day schedules provide a barrier to eating well. The high levels of stress we experience can lead to poor nutritional habits.

In an era where convenience food is readily available it's important to find a way to keep control of your eating. Especially if you have fitness goals that you want to accomplish.

Meal preparation helps to keep stress levels down.

There are a few different ways to meal prep such as

1. Preparing several days of food in advance.

2. Preparing a meal in its entirety or batch cooking several portions.

3. Preparing parts of a meal such as chopping up ingredients or cooking items in advance.

Whichever method you follow you will save time and be more likely to eat healthier meals as a result. Simple things such as portion control are much easier to prepare in advance. This can help stop you from over indulging.

Food preparation can also help your finances. Knowing what you'll cook will help you save money in the supermarket as you will be less likely to make additional purchases. It will also deter you from going out for dinner or picking up a takeaway as you'll already have your food ready at home.

Sound good? All you need now is a strategy for success!

Start with three things in mind: your budget, your goals and your favourite foods.

Research recipes which contain foods from each food group (vegetables, proteins and starches). This will help to keep your meals balanced.

Next make a shopping list with the ingredients you need based on the correct portion size for your goals. Once you have the ingredients, set aside the time to prepare the ingredients and do the cooking.

Try these three things right now which can help you with your preparation.

1. Order food containers for your prepped meals.

2. Freeze anything in your fridge which is close to going out of date.

3. Contact Runway for help in understanding your fitness and nutrition goals.

You can email us at for more information on healthy eating and nutritional guidelines.

You can also reach out via our social media pages

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