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How to focus on you

It's a demanding world out there. It's easy to get lost in the chaos. Most of us feel like we're stuck repeating the same pattern week after week and the month's tick by without us actually getting done what we want to.

So we want to bring you some clarity. The first step for attacking personal goals is to separate yourself from everything else going on. What may at first seem a little selfish is ultimately going to bring you the control that you're looking for.

How do you get started?

Step one

Get to know yourself, keep a journal and try to break down how you are spending your time each day. What your thoughts and feelings are. What motivates you and what frustrates you.

Step two

Make a list of what you want to achieve or experience. These can be short term goals or long term goals.

Step three

Challenge yourself. Try to do something new each day. This list is for things which you know you can improve on. think short tasks which can be achieved each day. For example if you wanted to be more social, striking up a conversation with a stranger would be a great task. If you wanted to be fitter, going on a 30 min walk each day would help.

Step four

Identify areas where you want to learn and what is necessary to develop your skills. You need a road map for your destination. Work on changing what has held you back so far.

Once you've completed the lists above its time for the next part.

Implement a self care plan

As well as focusing on yourself. Treat yourself too. Implementing a self care plan consists of adding in regular activities which help you feel better.

things such as: exercise, eating healthy foods, meditation, walks in nature and reading.

By recognising you need to take care of yourself you are in turn putting yourself in a better position to work on yourself.

A potential pitfall of focusing on yourself may be that you will enivitably compare yourself to others.

If you find this happening remember... You're trying to focus on yourself... so what your friend has or partner has or sibling has or does shouldn't be a focus. Often we try to conform to societal norms rather than really looking at what WE want as individuals. Go back to the lists that you've made above and stay connected with what you want.

Lastly, Following these tips should make you feel more grounded. They should help you succeed in the areas of your life that you want to improve and ultimately they should make you happier.

Thanks for reading todays blog post, if you need help around planning your fitness goals then contact us at

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