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Powerhoop brings you back to your youth! Do you remember swinging a hula-hoop around your waist? Well Powerhoop is easier and much more fun. The weighted hoop helps sculpt your waistline, flatten your stomach, improve your posture and following our routines brings out the enjoyment in the exercise

Legs Bums Tums & Drums

Songs and routines you can rock out too! This is the most popular class at Runway, release your inner rockstar while getting a total body workout. 


Develop your core strength, balance, stability and posture

Runway Mix

Can't choose which class to attend? Runway mix gives you mini versions of our most popular classes in one session. Mixing it up Runway style.


A 30 minute intense cardio blast. SWEAT will set you up for the day. Drum and bass music provides the soundtrack to this awesome workout. This class has earnt a reputation at Runway. Come and find out why

Runway Bounce

Jump up and down on our trampolines to your favourite tracks, you'll have so much fun you'll forget you are exercising. 


Let's get flexible! Improve range of motion

within the major muscle groups. dedicate time to recovery to improve circulation, reset the nervous system and quiet the mind.


An exercise class based on the training methods used by boxers. High energy, social and an effective workout each and every time. 

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