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Masseuse & Wellness 

Book an appointment with our in house Sports Massage Therapist Corinne

Neck ache? Shoulders ache? Hunched over a desk all day? Don't stretch your legs after exercise? Lifting weights? Running? Classes? 

Well sports therapy is exactly what you need, despite the name sports massage is not just for those who exercise. 

Its is a form of deep tissue massage that can be used to reduce pain, improve posture, increase function and mobility of your joints as well as help with movement and relaxation. 

It also promotes lymph drainage and can help to speed up the healing process! 

Rather than being a gentle relaxing massage, sports massage therapy is functional and works on the problem.

All our staff are fully qualified, insured, skilled and experienced in their field of expertise they are constantly undergoing further training and skill updates to ensure they deliver the best care to all clients 

Please feel free to get in touch to book an appointment or ask any questions you may have and contact Corinne on 07877779719

Runway Personal Trainer, Gym and Sports Therapy
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