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How to get motivated for 2021 in lockdown

As we begin a new year it's easy to feel unmotivated. Things are very different heading into 2021 than in previous years. However, during these uncertain times, it's important to look at what we do have and what we can build on rather than focusing on what we can't do or what we're missing.


It looks like gyms will remain closed for the start of 2021 but does that mean you can't have a fitness goal? absolutely not!

There's more online fitness content than ever before. Runway Fitness are offering online sessions and while you may have less equipment to work with there is no limit to what you can achieve from home.

For those of you who struggle to get motivated at home, we suggest creating a schedule. Plan when to do your sessions and let someone know so you are held accountable.

Don't forget releasing endorphins make you feel good and we all need a bit of that in 2021.


It's the new year so what better time to try some healthier dinners. Prepare for this to become your lifestyle rather than being overly restrictive. Planning is key, research some recipes and get shopping. Then you can use being indoors more as a way to practice preparing and cooking great food. Once we're out of lockdown the habits should have stuck and you'll be good to continue.

With strong nutritional habits 2021 could be the year you look good, feel good and get the results you want.

Part of building solid habits is letting go of what doesn't serve us. If you find that some foods or drinks make you feel sluggish or lethargic then show them the door. There's no need to include foods which we know make us feel bad.


It's crucially important to take a proactive approach this new year. Focus on yourself and finding out what you need more of in order to feel good.

Does that look like exercise? does that look like rest?

Whatever that looks like to you make sure it's in your new schedule. Most importantly as the new year evolves try to keep it up.

Practising gratitude and switching off from external influences are also a brilliant way of keeping morale high. We can't control events themselves only our response to them.

For more information on these subjects or to book a consultation email us on During lockdown we're working 7 days a week on Zoom so there's plenty to get involved in.

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