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Why consistency should be your most flexed muscle

Building up your legs so you can squat heavier? Great! You're probably focused on your technique, adding weight to your exercises at regular intervals and trying to improve your mobility.

In order to succeed you'll need to be consistent in your training and consistency is what we want to talk to you about this week.

See you don't need great genetics to have the body you desire, nor do you need to be a 'sporty person' to have success with your fitness goals. The most under-developed body part in gyms across the world isn't legs... it's the consistency muscle.

Doing the right things, over and over again is the recipe for success.

Many people will not want to hear this information. Especially all of those companies who will try to sell you the latest fitness gadget or diet pills. It's human nature to want to find the quickest way to the desired outcome but there is no substitute for consistency.

Ok, ok! you've got this far so now let's discuss how we build up our consistency muscle.

There are different ways to improve consistency. You might find that in some areas of your life you're already good at it but in other areas, you are not.

A gym example might be that you regularly train weights but haven't got much cardiovascular fitness. You might start by adding cardio to your routine and even though at first it's hard, after a couple of months, you'll see an improvement in your cardio fitness and it won't be as difficult as when you first started.

While improving an area of your life can make you more motivated to be consistent. Sometimes in order to strengthen your consistency muscle, you need to look at the bigger picture. Have one focus and make all your decisions based around it.

Example, 'I want to be healthier'. So you make decisions in your daily life like going to bed earlier, spending more time training, preparing healthy foods..etc and perfoming these actions frequently gets you towards your goal of being healthier. This makes life simpler because you know the answer to the small situations which come up everyday. When you are offered a drink you know to choose a glass of water rather than a fizzy drink because it fits with your goal.

Begining to develop your consistency is the hardest part but once you are in the routine of it then it becomes second nature.

Our personal training memberships at Runway Fitness help with your fitness consistency. You book in with a trainer as many times as you want each week and we deliver the sessions. You only have to show up and the rest is taken care of. You don't need to work out which programme is best for you. You just need a goal. We make the sessions as enjoyable as we can so you not only see results but enjoy attending your sessions each week. We also value you as a human and don't expect you to be a robot. We encourage balance and flexibility rather than expecting you to live within extreme parameters.

Remember. Consistency is the recipe of doing the right things over and over until you succeed. At Runway we teach you the right things.

If you are interested in finding out what's right for you then email us at and we'll be happy to offer you a taster personal training session.

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