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Motivation, let's talk about it

Motivation has become somewhat of a 'magical' concept in recent times. Everybody wants more but not everyone knows how to get more and what even is motivation? This week we'll explain just that.

The biggest issue we want to tackle surrounding motivation is what you need to have to change your life. The issue with this is that action is necessary to change your life. Merely wanting to do something won't produce any results. So motivation first requires action to develop. Action leads to results and thus an increase in motivation.

This initial action can be achieved by taking a small step towards your new lifestyle. Such as purchasing a new water bottle, joining a gym, ordering workout clothing, clearing out your cupboards of unhealthy foods etc.

In order to cultivate more motivation, you need to factor in reward for taking action and suffering for inaction. If it really hurts you not to take action then you'll have an endless supply of motivation.

Tips to improve your motivation include:

1 - Seeing yourself and behaving like the person you want to be.

If the person you want to be lives an active lifestyle, training regularly and prioritising healthy foods. Then the best way to become that way is to make lifestyle choices in the same way that person would. Over time you'll develop these habits and become a better version of yourself.

2- Enjoy your workouts

If you see exercise as a chore you'll find it harder to get yourself to workout. Enjoying a workout means developing a mindset where pushing yourself isn't a negative process. It means looking for the small wins, rewarding yourself for your efforts and not crushing yourself on an inevitable difficult day. You'll find it easy to motivate yourself once you enjoy what you do and the reasons behind it.

3- Being accountable

This can be one of the biggest problems that people face when wanting to make a lifestyle change. This is why most of our clients reach out to us for our personal training memberships. Having someone tell you what to do and holding you accountable if you don't complete that task makes life so much easier. We can do that for you in the gym and encourage you in your routine outside but you need to build your personal accountability. This means that it's not an option to let yourself down. Motivating yourself becomes second nature when you have self-trust.

Try implementing these 3 steps in your journey to improve your motivation.

If you're struggling and would like some additional help please reach out to us at

We would be happy to give you some more ideas on improvements you can make.

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