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Protein. Read all about it

Protein is a miracle worker

We said it.

Whatever your goal protein can help you get there.

Want to build muscle? Consume protein

Want to lose fat? `Consume protein

Want to feel satiated? Consume protein

Want to be generally healthier? Consume protein.

As a rule of thumb, the department of health recommends 1.6-2.2 x your body weight in KG as your daily protein requirements. This figure is dependent on your goals and activity levels.

No wonder then that there are hundreds of products aimed at helping you get sufficient amounts of protein into your system.

Let's discuss the different options available to you if you want to increase your protein levels.

Lean Protein

The best source of protein is one that contains little of anything else. I.e fats. Lean meat such as white meat, lean red meat, and white fish are good examples and will typically contain 20-25g of protein per serving. Protein powders are another example of lean sources of protein as are egg whites.


Some protein sources contain higher levels of fat. This will increase the calories in relation to the amount of protein you get per serving. Examples of these include; red meat, oily fishes such as salmons and whole eggs.

Protein sources

This category may contain additions such as breadcrumbs. For example, breaded chicken. Dairy products also fall into this category. Including these in your diet will increase calories in relation to protein content gained. They are the furthest from an ideal protein source.

Vegan Options

Supplement wise peas, soy and hemp all offer a large amount of protein per serving. Soy food products are a good option. You can also get protein from vegetables themselves but you would need to eat a very large quantity to get a reasonable serving.

Do I need Protein Powder?

If you can get your protein servings from whole foods. Then you do not need to supplement with protein powders. However, if you struggle to get sufficient protein servings in your diet then supplements can be a handy way to achieve your goals.

We recommend that you try to eat protein throughout the day to help achieve your daily goals. As we mentioned earlier protein keeps you feeling satiated (makes you feel full) which is great for your general wellbeing.

Contact us at if you would like to know more about Fitness and nutrition. We will be happy to guide you on your journey to fitness.

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