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How to approach Christmas day if you are anxious.

You spend all year working hard on your nutrition and fitness.

Then Christmas comes around and you begin to become anxious about 'ruining' your results.

At Runway we wanted to share a checklist that you can follow for Christmas and boxing day to help keep the stress and guilt at bay.

  • It's ok if Christmas day is different from your usual day

  • It's ok to eat a mince pie for breakfast

  • We don't have to justify our food choices

  • Not everyone drinks alcohol

  • It's ok to say no thank you

  • It's ok to go back for seconds

  • We don't have to burn off what we eat

  • You can check in with yourself to see if you feel good while eating

  • Be kind to yourself pick an outfit you feel great in

  • Focus on spending quality time with family/friends/loved ones

  • You'll likely feel strong in your workouts post all the delicious food

  • Leave the scales alone - you cannot put on weight through 2 days of poor eating.

Once the Christmas period is over it's time to move on, return to your healthy habits without stress or guilt.

Get back to walking your recommended 8k-10k steps per day, drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious food and sleeping 8 hours per night.

Don't forget you can get your Runway fix on Zoom or hopefully in the gym shortly. we look forward to welcoming you back and helping you work on your goals for 2021.

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