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I've lost X amount of weight, how do I keep it off?

First of all congratulations! You've done the hard part and lost the weight. That in itself deserves recognition

The next part of your fitness journey is to maintain your results, how is the best way to go about this?

At Runway Fitness we like to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle. Sure there should be room for you to enjoy yourself but eating well should feel good too!

The biggest mistake we see clients make is to reduce their calories to an unsustainable level. Sure you may be able to survive on limited calories but long-term this leads to piling the weight back on.

Assuming you've followed our advice and have lost weight slowly. The next step for you will to be to look at what calories you can eat for your current weight Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Once you've established this you can follow our tips below to help you keep the weight off.

1- Plan Ahead

This is most likely something you've gotten good at while losing weight but is just as important going forwards.

Plan your meals, do a weekly shop, know exactly what you are going to eat for each meal.

But wait... I'm going out for dinner.....

Fear not! This is the same for eating out, look up the menu before you go and make a sensible choice.

It's so easy to go off track when you haven't got a plan to follow.

2- Keep it interesting

There is so much variety you don't have to keep eating the same meals each week. Buy some cookbooks, research recipes.

We highly recommend; a resource for healthy yet exciting recipes

You could also sign up for a fitness challenge such as a 5K or a tough mudder to give you a new focus.

Of course, if you train at runway fitness, you'll already know, each session is different and includes a variety of training methods.

Make your new lifestyle exciting and you'll be much more likely to continue with it.

3- Ask for help

If you're concerned that you'll start putting weight back on reach out.

This is one of the best things about Runway Fitness, both members and trainers want to see you do well. We're all in the same boat (plane) after all. If you're not a member look for us online;

or research someone local to you who can help you keep accountable.

4- Be prepared for setbacks

We all have busy periods, holidays and reasons why we might falter on our journey.

Be aware that these will happen and where possible prepare.

''Be proactive, not reactive''

You may need to increase your workouts for a few weeks or limit your calories to maintain balance during festive periods.

The most important thing is not to self-sabotage after an off day.

Let's say you were driving with a sat nav and you missed a turning, you wouldn't carry on driving in the wrong direction just because you missed the original turning. You would follow the sat nav until it got you back onto the original route.

This should be the same approach to your health goals. Miss a workout? it happens. Make sure you attend the following session.


In summary; Maintaining your new weight will require the same dedication, preparation and patience as your weight loss journey.

It's about living a lifestyle of balance and moderation but it is entirely possible providing you check in regularly with your goals and habits.

The hard work has already been achieved now there should be a sense of enjoyment at your new body and way of living.

For further questions you can contact us via email at or connect with us through our social media pages

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