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Step up

No, this weeks blog post isn't about the romantic dance film from 2006! (we're sorry)

This week we're talking... about walking.

You may feel your exercise options have become limited during lockdown. So alongside your daily PT or Runway class here are the reasons why you should be getting those steps in.

What can it do for you?

Walking can help with your overall fitness levels as well as your weight loss journey.

Walking 10,000 steps a day equals roughly 5 miles covered in distance. If you were to add this up over the course of a week it's the equivalent of walking from Runway Fitness to London! It also means at the end of the week you'll have burnt an extra 2500kl-3000kl which is equal to 1lb of fat.

Mental well-being

Another benefit of walking is that it helps us to destress. Spending time out in nature is important for our mental wellbeing. Amongst other things, it's a chance to detox from technology. Studies show that the benefits of walking outdoors in nature can stay with us for up to 7 hours post-walk.

Health benefits

Walking has many other health benefits such as improved stamina and stronger core muscles.

Walking helps build your aerobic capacity, in fact, even a short brisk walk can get the lungs and the heart working.

Walking also reduces your cholesterol and the chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Furthermore walking will help you lose visceral fat (the fat build up around your vital organs).

Immune system

Something to consider during the Covid pandemic is that walking can boost your immune system. Studies have shown that people who walked just 20 minutes 5 days per week have 43% less sick days than those who only walk once per week.

Social Interaction

Following on from our point regarding boosting your immune system. Social interaction, especially at the moment is so important to your well being. So while the restrictions allow, meet up with one other friend and go for a walk to get that double benefit.

Away from temptation

An important factor in the weight loss results from walking includes the fact that you are away from temptation.

If you experience a craving for sweets or junk food, a quick 15-minute walk is enough to stimulate your mind and body. Upon your return, you are less likely to feel the craving.

In conclusion, we may have lured you into this week's blog post with a picture of Channing Tatum..(we know sneaky) But we hope now you've read it you're able to feel like you're less limited with your options to achieving health and fitness.

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