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Top 5 Mistakes made in the gym

We caught your attention! Brilliant, now we would like to help you avoid the most common mistakes made within the gym environment. If you are a member we can confidently say that you do not need to carry on reading. If you are not a member let's see how training at Runway could potentially improve your gym performance.

So ready, set, go lets begin our list of top 5 mistakes

1- Neglecting to warm up

A warm up is preparing yourself for the upcoming activity. It's your chance to mobilise the muscles and joints, working through patterns of movement that you are going to repeat during the workout. It's also the opportunity to raise your core temperature and excite the nervous system into performance mode.

At Runway we will guide you on the correct way to warm up, ensuring once you've got the body moving that we help to get the most out of you each session.

2- Training without a plan

You may have read the quote before that says ''An hour in the gym equates to 4% of your day" An hour in the gym is only enough if you utilise it effectively. Training without a plan is one of the worst things you can do. You need to have a road map of exactly what you are doing to maximise your results. A proper plan will have you keep track of your progression and will include a variety of exercises to keep the body adapting.

Our members all have access to personal trainers included within their memberships. We will program each session and guide you through it so you can leave after your session knowing you have got the most from your time at the gym.

3- Not training with the correct intensity.

Most people left to their own devices will not push themselves to the required standards in order to achieve the results they desire. A good training session consists of effective programming as mentioned above, correct technique and good intensity. Not every workout should be a maxium effort but you should have varying intensities.

4- Lifting too heavy too soon.

Time and time again we watch on as people lift too much without having the proper technique. Form should come first, then with that mastered you can progress your lifts as and when is required. Picking up huge weights may feel good at first but it increases your risk of injury and you are putting unnecessary strain on your joints with little to no benefit. Lifting too heavy will cause other muscles to be recruited meaning your body will become overtaxed and will limit your recovery.

At Runway we understand how to assess form and technique. We will help you build and master each exercise before we push you to progress by increasing resistance.

5- Poor breathing technique

Correct breathing is the foundation for everything. Most people now breath through the mouth and as a result have increased levels of stress, anxiety, muscular tension as well as other issues. At Runway we understand the important of teaching correct breathing techniques (in and out through the nose where possible) We encourage this while training to help our clients get the most from their sessions

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, if you would like any more information please email us at .

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